• Zscaler Login and Certificate Information

    Ashe County Schools is implementing Zscaler for our internet content filtering solution.  Zscaler will monitor and filter all internet traffic while connected to the Ashe County Schools network, as well as on any district owned devices while off-site.  All users will be required to login and authenticate with Zscaler through a Google login to gain access to the internet.  Guests may obtain a temporary username an password upon request.  Please see the front office to request access.  

    Ashe County Schools owned Windows Desktop and Laptop computers

    All Ashe County School owned Windows based devices should automatically download and install the Zscaler certificate.  There is no need to install anything on your laptop, desktop, or student's chromebook.  You will be prompted to login to Zscaler the first time you access the internet from a new computer.  You should only be asked the first time unless you use a new browser or clear your cookies.

    Login to Zscaler using your School Email Address and GOOGLE password.  

    Personal and Other Non-Domain Joined Devices (MacBook, iPad, iPhone)

    Personally owned devices are also required to authenticate to Zscaler, in order to gain access to the Internet.  To work correctly while connected to the ACS network, users will be required to download and install the ZScaler root security certificate.  The certificate is required so that your device can securely communicate with Zscaler. 

    Device or personal information will not be collected, and no other software or off-site monitoring will ever be installed by Ashe County Schools on personally-owned devices.  However, internet activity while connected to the Ashe County Schools network, will be recorded.

    To install the certificate, find your device below and follow the directions.

    Windows OS

    MAC OS

    iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)