• Windows OS

    1.  Download all the ZScaler Certificate and save to your device.

    2.  In the Search box on your taskbar, search for "Internet Options," then click "Open"

    Internet Options 

    3.  On the window that opens, select the Content tab, and then click on Certificates.

    Internet Properties


    4.  On the next window, click on the Trusted Root Certifcation Authorities tab, then click Import.

    Import Cert


    5.  In the new window click on Next, then click the Browse button and find the downloaded certificate.

    Then click Open, Next, and Finish.

    Certificate Install


    When you open a webpage, you will be asked to login.  Use your Ashe County Schools Email Address, and your GOOGLE password to login.

    You should only be asked to login one time unless you use a new browser or clear your cookies.