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    Ashe County Schools Curriculum Department



    Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Department 

    Julie Taylor

    Julie Taylor
    Director of K-12 Curriculum/Federal Programs


    Our mission is to provide collaborative, systemic support to our teacher and student learning communities that helps create and support an effective learning environment.
    The Curriculum and Instruction team is responsible for specific curriculum areas, such as mathematics, literacy, social studies, science, etc.  Ashe County's Curriculum committee is comprised of representatives from each school. 

    The Ashe County Schools Curriculum Division supports the following teaching and learning efforts in our schools by:
    • Providing documents to clarify state and local curriculum
    • Identifying best teaching practices and providing purposeful professional development to school-based instructional leaders
    • Delivering resources and services that schools need to enhance and increase student achievement
    • Developing networks of professional learning communities across the district through vertical and horizontal teaching and learning conversations