• Safe at Ashe County Schools  

    School safety has always been a top priority of the Ashe County Board of Education and its administrators.  Following many tragedies throughout the United States, school safety has become a major topic of conversation both at the local and national level.  Although the school system does have a safety plan in place, a committee composed of educators, law enforcement officials, emergency management experts, parents and students has been organized to contribute ideas for preventing and responding to safety concerns.  The Safe Schools Committee meets periodically to address school safety procedures and policies in the following major categories—prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.  Through organized conversations, the Safe Schools Committee will analyze, dissect and design measures and tactics to ensure student and staff safety within the school system.  Communication is key to the success of any initiative.  The Superintendent welcomes any input from the community at large.  You may call her office at 336.246.7175 or send an email to eisa.cox@ashe.k12.nc.us.  “We owe it to students, faculty, staff and parents to make our schools as safe and secure as possible.”