• North Carolina Association of Educational Office Professionals


    The North Carolina Association of Educational Office Professionals, Inc. is dedicated to the achievement of professionalism of educational office and to the improvement of the quality of service provided for students, educators, and the community. The Association is pledged further to assist educational office personnel in participating effectively in public policy issues, which relate to education.

    The Seal


    The Book and the Quill represent the basic skills of reading and writing from which all knowledge and enlightenment, represented by the Lamp, originate.
    The Circles indicate no beginning and no ending.
    Education was, is, and forever will be.
    The Mountains around the sphere and the Waves at the bottom symbolize the geographical range of the Association.
    There are 14 Mountains representing the districts into which the Association is divided.
    The Light Rays (lines) at the bottom which emanate from an invisible point, symbolize unity: one purpose, one vision, one goal!
    Motto: Dedicated to Educational Services