• ACS Accountability and Testing Title

     Welcome to the Ashe County Schools Division of Accountability Website. The mission of the Accountability Department is to promote the academic achievement of all Ashe County Public School students by providing resources and relevant data to assist all stakeholders in the process of student learning.  

    In North Carolina, standardized testing is an integral part of the educational experience of all students. When properly administered and interpreted, test results provide an independent, uniform source of reliable and valid information, which enables:

    • Students to know the extent to which they have mastered expected knowledge and skills and how they compare to others;
    • Parents to know if their children are acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a high competitive job market;
    • Teachers to know if their students have mastered grade-level knowledge and skills in the curriculum and, if not, what weaknesses need to be addressed;
    • Community leaders and lawmakers to know if students in North Carolina schools are improving their performance over time and how the student compare with student from other states or the nation; and
    • Citizens to assess the performance of the public schools.

    Earl Pennington
    CTE/Testing and Accountability

    Earl Pennington