• Student Services - Counselors


      Ashe County Schools Counselors and Coordinator  
    Julie Jones, BRES Counselor
    Jamie Little
    Student Services Director

    Julie Jones (BRES)

    Meghann Clawson Jessica Yates
    Meghann Clawson (ACHS)
    Jessica Yates (AEC)
    Kelly Fletcher, ACHS Counselor
    Kelly Fletcher (ACHS) Amy Tsolis (MVES)
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    Lucy Phipps
    Lucy Phipps (ACHS) Amanda Bloomer (WWES)
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  • Fletcher, Kelly

    Business:  336-846-2400
    Email:  kelly.fletcher@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Ashe County High School


    Bloomer, Amanda

    Business:  336-877-2921
    Email:  amanda.bloomer@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Westwood Elementary School


    Phipps, Lucy

    Business:  336-846-2400
    Email:  lucy.phipps@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Ashe County High School


    Clawson, Meghann

    Business:  336-384-2400
    Email:  meghann.clawson@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Ashe County High School


    Little, Jamie

    Business:  336-246-7175
    Email:  jamie.little@ashe.k12.nc.us


    Jones, Julie

    Business:  336-384-4500
    Email:  julie.jones@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Blue Ridge Elementary


    Harvey, Tammy

    Business:  336-384-3591
    Email:  tammi.harvey@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Ashe County Middle School


    Tsolis, Amy

    Business:  336-982-4200
    Email:  amy.tsolis@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Mountain View Elementary


    Yates, Jessica

    Business:  336-846-1881
    Email:  jessica.yates@ashe.k12.nc.us
    Address:  Ashe County Early College