Digital Learning Competencies

    Beginning in June 2019, all certified personnel must meet the requirement for the New Digital Learning Competencies to renew their license for teaching.  Previously, Ashe County Schools had a local policy requirement of 2 credits in technology to renew.  This will transition to the Digital Learning Competencies requirement effective July 1, 2018. 
    NCCAT catalog (NC Center for Advancement of Teaching) has some new courses to help educators earn the Digital Learning credits.
    Canvas online training module along with the SAMR module are available through the Professional Development button on your dashboard in Canvas.
    NCDPI is also offering some online courses to address the Digital Learning Competencies.  These are also found in the TrueNorthLogic course catalog.
    Below are a few.  There are others.  Just look for DL
    6106 Digital Literacies 1:  Reading, Writing, and Research
    6604 Digital Literacies 2:  Visual Information Literacy
    4233 Copyright in the K-12 Classroom