• Linq Connect online portal

    Child Nutrition Account

    • Our meal payments platform, TITAN Family Portal, has been upgraded to LINQ Connect. You’ll enjoy a fresh look designed just for you. Download the new LINQ Connect app in the Google Play Store available now and the Apple Store that will be available soon or visit LINQConnect.com to manage all your payments in one convenient location.

      There’s no need to change your username or password. It all transfers to the new platform for you.

      Within the LINQ Connect portal, you can set up one-time or recurring payments for your student’s meals, view previous transactions, transfer funds between students, and more. It’s an easy way to manage meal payments without the hassle of sending cash.

  • Meal Charge Procedure

    Students who are required to pay for meals are expected to provide payment in a timely manner. The board recognizes, however, that students may occasionally forget or lose their meal money. No adults will be permitted to charge meals or other items in the school cafeteria. No student will be permitted to charge supplemental or a la carte items, including milk.

    No student will be deprived a meal nor served an alternate meal due to forgotten or lost money. At no time will a student meal be retrieved once the student has received the tray. The student shall be allowed to eat the meal and the student’s account will be charged accordingly.

    The child nutrition director and principal shall work jointly to prevent meal charges from accumulating. Every effort will be made to collect all funds due to the school nutrition program on a regular basis and before the end of the school year. This may include but is not limited to sending letters home with students, sending emails to parents, and sending automated calls to homes. If a parent regularly fails to provide meal money and does not qualify for free meal benefits, the child nutrition program shall inform the principal, who shall determine the next course of action. This may include notifying the department of social services of suspected child neglect and/or taking legal steps to recover the unpaid meal charges.

    Parents are expected to pay all meal charges in full by the last day of each school year. Negative balances on student meal accounts cannot be carried forward to the following school year.