Beth Shelton, Media Specialist

    Common Core Aligned Thanksgiving Ideas
    Shera Ashley, MVES (K-6)
    I found a website that has some wonderful K-6 common core curriculum maps. They are generic and can be used with the pacing guide and curriculum map that was created locally for your grade level. The 6th grade English Language Arts map has each standard, the big idea(s), essential questions, nouns (content), verbs (skills), academic vocabulary, and types of assessment. I opened one of the math maps and it had sample questions for each standard. I hope you will find them as useful as I do.
    Reading, Math
    I highly recommend checking out this website.  www.edutopia.org

    It has tons of resources for anyone in education. There are topics listed from a-z, common core resources, videos, blogs that you can join and a ton of other useful and informative bits of information.

    Jamie Little, Curriculum Coordinator K-6

    The Curriculum Corner

    Weaving Common Core into the curriculum.

    Learn Zillion

    It is a free site, but you have to register.  It features standards based lessons for both math and ELA in grades 2-12.  The lessons have videos, lesson plans, resources, parent letters, and follow up activities – for each standard!  It is easy to search and use.  There is also an option for you to use it with your students online as well
    Below is a link to a fantastic free reading resource.  I suggest taking some time to explore this wonderful site!

    Jennifer Treva, EC Teacher
    This PBS website has activities so you can experience what it is like to struggle with attention deficits and/or reading, writing, and math disabilities.  These activities are amazing!!  Try them out and see if you see things a little differently next time a student with disabilities is struggling in your classroom!
    Kelly Lambert, 4th Grade Teacher
    I ran across a website called Learn Zillion.  It has different CC video lessons for reading and math by grade levels.  The standards are clearly listed for each lesson.  I thought some of you might be interested in it.  Once you click on the link below, you can then access the Math or ELA courses by clicking either "Math Courses" or "ELA Courses" at the top of the webpage.  If you have questions about it, just let me know.


    Sandra Peterson, Assistant Principal
    Not sure if you have ever seen this resource, but I saw some great lessons here.  If you click on resources, you can choose NC state standards, the grade and subject and numerous lessons come up for each.