• Connect 5 Questions/Answers
    What if the line is busy or there is no answer?

    The Connect 5 system will make up to four attempts (depending on account settings) to reach each number, with three minutes in between each call. If the message is not delivered by the fourth attempt, it will be noted in the delivery report that as a “no answer” call.

    The message started playing and then stopped. Why?

    Connect 5 starts the broadcast immediately upon telephone pickup; Simultaneously, it is listening for interruptions. If the system is not interrupted by noise or someone speaking within the first 3.5 seconds, the message is delivered. If the system detects a greeting longer than a few seconds, the system treats this as an outgoing message from an answering machine and will stop playing, wait for silence (usually after the beep), and then start the message over so that it can be recorded in its entirety.

    While the software is 98% accurate in distinguishing live vs. machine, errors can occur if the person repeatedly says “hello” or answers in a noisy environment (i.e. traffic, children playing, loud music or television, dog barking, etc.). Generally in these situations, the system stops playing the message. It is waiting for silence to start the message over. In a noisy environment, where silence is unattainable, call recipients can press the number 1 on their telephone and the message will play from the beginning without interruption.

    Why do I occasionally not get the calls?

    The Connect 5 System relies on the two local telecom carriers to deliver the calls. When sending these calls simultaneously, the local telecom lines and trucks become overloaded in certain areas and the calls become undeliverable. If it is an emergency call, the call will be sent again to those “dropped” calls. If you know your contact information is correct in PowerSchool, you do not notify the school of the failure to receive the call.

    Will the Connect 5 System call both my cell phone and my home phone number?

    No. Due to the large volume of calls, the Connect 5 system will only call the primary number listed in PowerSchool. If you need to make a change to that number, please contact the data manager at your child’s school.

    Why is my answering machine recording only half of the message?

    If the answering machine greeting is sporadic, has periods of silence or does not start playing within 3 seconds, the system may read this as a live person and begin playing the message before the machine has started recording. This will result in a recording of silence (if the Connect 5 message finishes playing before the machine begins recording) or of just the last portion of the Connect 5 message. Parents can simply re-record their outgoing message so that there are no pauses. Alternately, if the answering machine is set to record for a specific amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds) and the Connect 5 message runs longer than that, this will also result in message cut-off. The recommended solution is to have parents set their machines to record

    for a longer period. For answering machines or voicemail systems where it is necessary to enter a mailbox number, Connect 5 is unable to leave a message.

    Connect 5 is calling my home, but does not leave a message on the answering machine.

    In this case, set the number of rings on your answering to 3 5 rings. Otherwise, Connect 5 will treat is as a “no answer” call.