ACS Hotspots

ATTENTION Parents and Students
Ashe County Schools is excited to announce Hotspots within our communities. These hotspots will work with all ACS devices. The WIFI's are for instructional purposes and are located at the following locations:
Creston FD
Creston FD 2
Glendale Springs FD
Warrensville FD
Fleetwood FD
New River FD
New River FD 2
Pond Mountain FD
Lansing FD
Hwy. 16 Mobile Home Park
Doggett Road Mobile Home Park
Friendship Church Rd. Mobile Home Park
Buffalo Meadows Development
Bark Mobile (Blevins Express)
Radio Hill Mobile Home Area
Helen Blevins Mobile Home Park
Ashe County High School
Ashe County Middle School
Blue Ridge Elementary School
Mountain View Elementary School
Westwood Elementary School
If your child does not have internet access in the home, look for the site nearest you. Thank you to our partners - Ashe County Local Government IT, Ashe County Emergency Management, Skyline Telephone & Blue Ridge Energy.