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Changes to the ACS 2018/19 Calendar


Based upon the number of days we missed in the 1st semester and the long-range forecasts in the 2nd semester, the following changes are being made to the current 2018/19 calendar.    


Friday, February 15, was an optional day.  It is now a full instructional day. 

The early release and half day PD for staff on Friday, March 15, will remain in the calendar.  The PD on that day is for MTSS. 

Monday, March 18, was a required workday.  It is now a full instructional day. 

Please note—these changes were based upon the number of days missed thus far.  Mother Nature can certainly cause us to make changes to the changes!! 

The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday is still in the calendar.   

As of January 8, Spring Break is still in the calendar.  However, should we have another storm like we had in December, the four annual leave days will be used.  The two holidays—April 19 and 22—will remain in the calendar so that everyone will have at least a four-day weekend. 

Saturday school could become a necessity.  Should we end up having to go on Saturdays, they will be full instructional days.