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Important Information for Plan A From Dr. Cox

Good Evening Ashe County Families.  This is Dr. Eisa Cox, Superintendent of Schools with some important information.  As you know, in one week, on Monday, October 19th, Kindergarten through third grade students who have currently been attending school in person two days per week, will begin attending school four days per week in the building with Wednesdays remaining a remote learning day for all students, allowing us time to deep clean our buildings.  

On Monday, October 26th, grades 4-5 will join grades K-3 to also attend four days per week. All current safety protocols will remain the same in reference to cleaning, mask wearing, and large gatherings.  Plan A allows for more students to be in the classroom at a time. However,  we are working to spread out desks as close to six feet as possible.  

Students in grades 6-12 will continue to follow Plan B and the current protocols and schedules. We will continue to work to create the safest possible environment for our children. As Plan A allows for more children to be in the building at a time, it is imperative to follow the three Ws and continue to monitor your students' health by making sure to abide by the attestation questions each day and keeping your child home when sick. Together we can work to keep our students safe and in the school building. 

We hope you have a great week. 




Dr. Eisa M. Cox