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Thoughts for Parents from the Guidance Counselor

  1. Parents might want to limit their children’s exposure to media.
  2. Help students address their fears.
  3. Reassure students that health and school officials are working hard to ensure that everyone remains healthy.
  4. Offer children factual, age appropriate information about the potential seriousness of this disease, as well as clear instructions about how to avoid infection and spread of the illness.
  5. Teaching children positive preventive measures, talking to them about their fears and giving them a sense of some control over their risk of illness can help reduce anxiety.
  6. Be a calming influence to children - Live by example – let the adults model how to navigate the unknown without high levels of dread, doom or fear.
  7. Encourage them to talk and remind them that it is perfectly normal to have all feelings – there are just okay and not okay behaviors when having any feeling.
  8. Encourage journaling or drawing about their feelings.  This would make a great collection to show how your entire family works through life experiences.
  9. Doing fun activities, getting exercise and going outdoors when you can will be helpful.
  10. Be patient, mindful, thoughtful and kind to each other.  Look for teachable moments.  Enjoy family on a new level.  Work as a team where everyone pitches in.


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